About Dave Richards

Tribal tech house producer Dave Richards is a man of multiple worlds. He was born just outside of Chicago, but grew up in the South. He became a lover of electronica during the early 80’s thanks to a few well known movie soundtracks (Chariots of Fire and Tron to name a few), but he didn't fully embrace it until the early 90’s while under the influence of artists like Moby, Oakenfold, Timo Maas, Steve Lawler, Medway and more.

As a producer his loyalties are torn between Chicago house sound and a much darker force infused by Atlanta, GA’s urban and tribal house flavors. Usually, it’s that darker force that wins out in his productions. Unrelenting percussion, techie baselines and progressive top ends comprise the signature sounds of a Dave Richards’ production. With over a decade of production experience, Dave knows what he likes and what his audience needs.

Latest Release


Sounds of Summer vol. 6

Summertime is once again here! MK837 LOVES summer. Every year we release a compilation of new summer tracks from some of our favorite artists and lifelong friends and Sounds of Summer 6 is no different. This year’s compilation brings you hot new tracks from Chemical Harmony, Jari Kobe, Deep Dementure,[…]